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Media Matters tool REKT for PATHETIC thread whining about Elon Musk tweeting evil right-wingers

Imagine being so obsessed with Elon Musk that you tweet an entire thread TATTLING on him for who he tweets with. Wow.

Hey, we know, this is Media Matters we’re talking about, and shouldn’t be at all surprised to see Matthew Gertz tweeting an entire thread about Musk tweeting with EVIL RIGHT-WINGERS like a writer at RedState.



You know, our sister site?

SUPER dangerous people over there, ya’ know. HA HA HA HA

What a nob, look at this:

A thread.

How deep.

Tim Young, a right-wing sycophant. Really?

C’mon man.

They’re triggered by an avi and an account named after a cat’s bowel movement.

Again, a right-wing sycophant?


So really, Gertz is mad that people are tweeting Musk and agreeing with him? This dude really needs a hobby.


Geez … el oh el.


You know, if Twitter hadn’t locked the Bee over a joke Musk might not even own Twitter but sure, keep b*tching about a satire site because their satire hits too close to home.



Gertz might want to think about changing his name to ‘Karen.’

B*tching about Musk and Twitter is to Media Matters as b*tching about Fox and Trump was to Media Matters: a sad hobby that makes us all point and laugh at them.


No, he’s not.


Maybe because all the Left does is crap all over and attack him?

Just spitballin’.

So brave, much stunning.



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