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Elon Musk's response to people scolding him for firing Twitter 'geniuses' is just PERFECTION

Sounds like Elon Musk may have fired more Twitter employees for being critical of him. Folks, this is not difficult, if you don’t like your boss and need to complain that’s fine, but don’t do it where the guy (gal) can see you and above all else, DON’T do it in front of billions of people on social media.


We feel like we’re taking crazy pills trying to explain this to Twitter employees.

It’s painfully clear, Twitter employees have no idea what the real world is like and how most companies are run. No free lunches, and gosh golly gee, you don’t get to act like a jerk to your boss. This is not new. This is not unheard of. This is what it’s like for MOST people outside of the tech bubble.

Musk was good enough to respond:

Those geniuses will be JUUUUST fine. LOL.

See, all good.



Double HA HA HA HA

Watching some of these blue checks (which there are way more of them now) complain about Musk acting like you know, a regular boss, has been quite entertaining.

Again, this happens at most companies if employees’ behavior violates company policy.

It’s all out of the blue that the new boss might not want to be trashed publicly.

Alrighty then.



Welcome to reality? This is how it feels to adult?

Just spitballin’.



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