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Tyrus OWNS Black Voters Matter in back-and-forth texts and it's a GLORIOUS thing (screenshot)

Tyrus shared a text he received from the group Black Voters Matter.

Seems Black voters only really matter if they’re voting a certain way though.

Take a gander, this is somethin’ else:


And then they raaaaan away.

How absolutely pathetic can they be? Oh, so since he’s a Black Republican you guys don’t want to build power with him? Typical.

Ain’t it?

Let’s not give this organization any ideas.


This probably happens to women as well. Democrats are only interested in what minorities and women who agree with them think. The rest of us who think for ourselves … they’re not interested in.

Tyrus probably would scare the Hell out of them.


Nope. Just the Democrat ones.

Effin’ PATHETIC as well.

With Democrats, indeed it is.




Katie Hobbs is bad enough but her husband … yeah, looks like he may be even WORSE (thread)

Tom Nichols mocking people who can’t afford groceries because MUH DEMOCRACY couldn’t have gone worse

EPIC thread illustrates just how BAD things look for Democrats in the midterms by the numbers and WOW


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