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DHS official used 3rd party nonprofits to HIDE info being shared was actually gov propaganda (memo)

We often admit we are not the experts when it comes to many many many things we write about, heck, there’s a reason we talk about what YOU all are saying, but gosh golly gee, this seems like sort of a big deal, right? Forget that the government was working with Big Tech to control what we did and did not see (ultimately for their own gain), but to have knowingly found a third party to share the ‘messaging’ so that people wouldn’t think of it as government propaganda?


That seems … very deliberate.

And shady AF.

Propaganda you say? Say it ain’t so!

Pissed off yet?

Yeah, we wouldn’t be more surprised if we woke up tomorrow morning with our head sewn to the carpet.

No we don’t remember that BUT doesn’t sound out of bounds for that admin.


It doesn’t surprise anyone.

Sadly all too accurate.



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