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CRY MORE: Adam Kinzinger trashing Lauren Boebert for dancing blows up BRUTALLY in his big, dumb, tear-streaked face

Sounds like Adam Kinzinger is jealous of Lauren Boebert to us … sour grapes much, big guy? And PLEASE, what does he really think his appointment to Nancy Pelosi’s cute little January 6th Committee was all about? Certainly not justice.



Unfortunately for Adam, it was the wrong kind of fame and the people he appeals to for attacking his own party don’t want him anyway. In fact, they’ve gerrymandered him right out of a job.

But sure, Boebert dancing on her campaign is the real problem here:

He could have at least had the nards to tag her if he was going to talk smack about her.

Then again, if he tagged her she’d likely embarrass and emasculate him even more so …

Not a single one.

Or himself?

Scooter, HA HA HA HA HA.

That works.

It’s ok with Adam when Democrats do it.

Even though none of them will ever endorse or vote for him.


For real.



Gold star for The Shining gif.

Seriously, this guy needs a mirror.

Maybe two.



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