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AOC wants to build 'community with you' no matter where you are in the U.S. and HOOBOY that's a LOTTA backfire (from her supporters!)

Man, AOC is having a really rough week.

Then again, she’s brought it all on herself so it’s hard for us to feel overly sorry for her at this point. Calling her supporters rude for disagreeing with her, dance-mocking her supporters, going into a full-blown caricature of Rosie Perez …


Yeah, not great.

We’re not entirely sure what she thought would happen with a tweet like this calling on people all across the US to build a community with her but here we are.

And it’s hilariously painful.

Is she looking to build a community all across the country because she’s ticked off her own constituents?

Asking for a friend.


Or you know, actually, talk to your supporters and treat them with respect?

Crazy, we know.

That would probably help too.


Yeah, this isn’t going the way she likely thought it would.


That seems to be the latest push where AOC is concerned.




Some have compared her to Bill Kristol.


We see what ‘doc’ did there.


It’s election season, time for Democrats to pretend they care about the people again.


Tough crowd, Sandy.



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