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'Shut the Hell UP': PoliMath takes the CDC and other 'institutions' APART in thread explaining why people do NOT trust them

As the CDC and their pals in the mainstream media work to do damage control around their disgusting and evil vote to add the COVID vaccine to the vaccination schedule for children, PoliMath put together a thread calling them out and explaining how it is just these sorts of actions that makes people not only distrust the CDC but all institutions.


And it’s only getting worse.

He said it much better than we can, of course:

And they’ll point fingers at one another as it happens.

It was the same way with masks and virtual schooling …

Democrats: The CDC RECOMMENDED it so we DID IT.

The a-holes deserve one another.

Exactly what happened with masks and virtual school.


Let’s not pretend they have a whole lot of trust to destroy in the first place.

As AOC once said, they care more about being emotionally right than factually right.

They know people don’t pay enough attention to these things.

Sorry, not sorry, but it’s true.


When Republicans win can they disband the CDC? Seriously.



‘Always a new WWII to arouse them’: Glenn Greenwald takes DC warmongers/neocons like David Frum (AOC!!!) apart in BRUTALLY honest thread

‘Let’s talk about election deniers’: Kari Lake just destroys the media (again) with receipts after they accuse her of being an election denier (watch)

‘Comparing Muslims to HITLER’: Lefties are trying to get Muslim parents fired for speaking out against sexually explicit books in schools (thread)


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