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'Comparing Muslims to HITLER': Lefties are trying to get Muslim parents fired for speaking out against sexually explicit books in schools (thread)

So the Left is now going after Muslims for disagreeing with sexually explicit materials in schools. That figures.

Hey, when they show you who they really are, especially people on the Left, BELIEVE THEM.


Look at this thread:

Pure insanity?


Welcome to 2022.

Well, of course, they’re using that argument. The Left fully believes they ‘own’ certain demographics, and when people of those demographics step out of line? Time to cancel, fire, and destroy them. It’s the Lefty way.


They’ve been doing this for months now.



Look at how they treated parents in general during the lockdowns. Biden’s own DOJ called them domestic terrorists.

If only Muslims would support their children seeing smut at school. Sheesh.

This is stuff local news stations wouldn’t share because it is too graphic but the Left wants our children to see it at school.

Ask yourselves why.


Welcome to identity politics.

You know this lady is a lot of fun at birthday parties.

And you just know you’ve argued with her on Twitter.




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