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It's not him, honey, it's YOU: Blue-check's thread about how HORRIBLE marriage is for straight women pisses EVERYONE off

Marriage is bad and stuff.

For straight women.

Don’t look at us like that, we didn’t write it. This Joanna Schroeder person did …

She doesn’t mention that marriage is hard for men, or even touch on the challenges of gay marriage. No no, this is all about making straight women the victim of evil, scary, horrible marriage.


Keep going.

  1. This editor is still very much in love with her husband of 23 years.
  2. This editor has not desired another person.
  3. This editor has not been asked to take on the bulk of family and home care.

4. There are plenty of tools available for women and men who need help.
5. What?
6. That’s the point of being a team or couple.


7. We don’t even know where to begin with this.
8. You will be unhappy doing everything you do at some point in your life.

9. Huh?
10. Oh horse crap.

11. Again, no. Maybe she just needs to hang out with better people?
12. Nope. No no no.

Boy oh boy, she is really laying it on.


Ummm yeah.

There are no guarantees about anything in life.

Ok, full transparency, there are several more tweets in this thread but even we have a limit to how much stupid and ridiculous we’re willing to write about. If you are the masochistic type her thread is still there in all its ugly glory on Twitter.



Marriage isn’t for everyone … especially not this broad.



Umm … WAT? NYT jumps not 1, not 2, but 3 sharks with their latest ‘everything is white supremacy’ grift, this time targeting Hispanics

VA Democrat tries backpedaling on pro-trans/anti-parent bill but Republicans aren’t ABOUT to let her off the hook (will make Dems OWN it)

Bro, you DRUNK?! Weeble-Wobble Alexander Vindman calls on Twitter to CANCEL Elon Musk and it does NOT go well, like at all


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