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BOMBSHELL thread reveals Raphael Warnock’s church pays $1000s monthly for his home while 'evicting the poor from theirs'

How quickly do you all think the mainstream media will ignore this bombshell story about Raphael Warnock and his church? Gonna guess if Free Beacon didn’t break this story we’d have never known about this shockingly bad story.


Keep in mind, this is a church and this guy is a PASTOR.

Did we mention they pay Warnock over $7k a MONTH for a monthly HOUSING allowance? Yeah.

And they were going to evict someone over not quite $30?!?!

That is insane.

Oh wait, it gets worse.

$15 million in taxpayer funding.

Read that again.

And they’re evicting people?

Warnock has some ‘splain’ to do.



African American.

Getting evicted over not quite $200.

Doesn’t even own a phone.


What a sweetheart.


They give him thousands a month for HOUSING … while people in their rental properties suffer.

How very Christian of them all.



But you know, a woman accused Herschel Walker of paying for her abortion … or something.




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