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Chad Felix Greene SLAMS the DOJ and media for conveniently MISGENDERING trans officer indicted for leaking military info to Russia

As Twitchy reported earlier, the first openly transgender officer, the one who broke the ceiling and overcame barriers etc. was just indicted for trying to send military info to Russia. You know, like literally colluding with Russia. Yeah, this seems like an important story, right?


Except for our pals in the mainstream media aren’t really covering it … and when they are, they’re leaving out the transgender part.

Even calling this officer Henry, which is technically deadnaming her, right?

Chad Felix Greene was good enough to call them all out:

It’s as if our pals on the Left want to leave out a MAJOR part of this officer’s identity. Wonder why?

Yeah, we noticed the same.


Strange. You’d think Reuters of all outlets would want to tell the whole story.



We’re so totally kidding.

Gosh, considering they know better … this seems almost deliberate.

*yes, we’re being facetious*


They don’t want people to know the first openly transgender officer is a traitor.

Guess that would look bad for the whole TRANS movement.

Major Jamie Lee Henry …

Of course, it matters.

That’s why we’re not hearing more about it.


Not a great look for the DOJ, media, or the TRANS movement.

Not at all.



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HO-LEE CHIT: Army’s first openly transgender officer (and Lefty-praised ‘pioneer’) indicted for trying to sell soldiers’ medical info to RUSSIA

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