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OMG-LOL! Cenk Uygur lecturing 'people' who came up with #DefundThePolice could well be the most SPECTACULAR self-own EVER (screenshot)

Cenk Uygur must have gotten the memo about how unpopular ‘Defund the Police’ really is with the majority of Americans. He’s so unhappy with this narrative that he wants the people who came up with the slogan to admit they were wrong and admit they don’t speak for the Left.


He was pretty adamant here.

Polls show that almost no one on the Left agrees with Defund the Police?

Huh, that’s weird.

Cenk continued:

You can’t speak for the Left, eh Cenk?

And he wants them to ‘do better.’


Good for him.

Except he might as well be talking to himself … seriously, this is perhaps the most spectacular self-own we’ve ever seen.


We get it, Cenk is gonna Cenk, but HOLY CRAP you guys. HA HA HA HA HA

He was DOWN with defunding the police 100%. Wonder what changed? Could it be the fact that Americans HATE this idea and are seeing more and more violence in the communities that have cut funding to their police departments?

We saw you, we see you.

And sorry, not sorry, the Left OWNS that narrative.

Totally weird.

That’s it, exactly.

In 2020, Cenk thought that message would help Democrats. Now he realizes it hurts them … so he’s pretending he wasn’t one of the Lefties pushing it. He was, in fact, 100% DOWN WITH IT.


Woof, this one is just hilariously embarrassing.



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