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Womp WOMP: Ryan Reilly reluctantly rains all over #BlueAnon's parade debunking rumors of Trump in DC to appear before the grand jury and LOL

BlueAnon Twitter has been all a-flutter about Trump’s visit to DC. And yes, they are as insane as ever.

We can’t even joke about Trump Derangement Syndrome anymore, with some people it’s all too real. The number of people frothing at the mouth and thumping their chests DESPERATE to believe Trump’s visit to DC proves THEY’VE GOT HIM THIS TIME and THE WALLS ARE CAVING IN is really something else. We might even feel sorry for them if they weren’t such ridiculously annoying turnips who’ve lost their ever-loving minds over a man who hasn’t been president in nearly two years.


Unfortunately, NBC News’ Ryan Reilly rained on their Trump parade …

Yeah, you’d think if Trump was going to appear before the grand jury there MIGHT be some precautions in place, steps taken.

But he doesn’t want to take all of their ‘hope’ away:

Just in case!


They’re still holding out hope …

They need this.

So bad.

Which is really pathetic.

Yeah, mayhem.


Sorry, we can’t help it.

These people.

They’ll bring him in through the back door in some alley under darkness of night.



Ok, so if something changes and there is more to the grand jury, Trump in DC thing we’ll keep you posted. For now though, we’ll just point and laugh.



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