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SMART yet brutal thread on the 'insanity of Pseudo-Science' makes climate change and its believers look even MORE ... insane

Gosh, climate change sure sounds like Pseudo-Science to us.

But we’ll let you read this thread, dear reader, and decide for yourself.


This is actually one of the most fascinating threads this editor has ever read.

These theories are always about ‘dire predictions’.

It’s never just a, ‘whoa, this is changing because of x, we should probably watch and see what happens.’

Suppose if you want people to read and believe you, you need something to grab ’em.

We’re not THAT old.





Created it out of thin air.

No actual data to lock our business, our schools, and our lives down. No actual data to cover our faces …


Obama got one too, so we’re not entirely surprised by this one.


Guess it’s better than leeches?


The only proof is models … created by humans who want to believe in climate change based on their own assumptions.

Cue Greta Thunberg, ‘HOW DARE YOU?!’



‘So, you want to make America great again’: Biden tweeting about his ‘mission’ to build a prosperous free America BACKFIRES spectacularly

‘DIVISIVE, hate-filled … worst speech I’ve heard from a president’: Aussie reporter holds NOTHING back savaging Biden and his ‘red speech’ (watch)


O.M.G. SO much this! Tom MacDonald takes Dems APART explaining why Republicans SHOULDN’T be mad about Biden’s ‘red speech’ (watch)


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