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Jonathan Turley points out how HILLARY may actually KEEP Garland from making a case against Trump and the Left can't DEEEAL

Wouldn’t THAT be hilarious? If Hillary’s smug behavior actually helped Trump? LOL

To Jonathan Turley’s point, it does seem a difficult case to make against Trump about his having confidential information while Hillary sells her crappy merch bragging about how she got away with having confidential information. Oh, make no bones about it, she had confidential material on a private server, her aides took a hammer to cellphones, etc.


But you know, she’s a D so it’s ok or something.


Trump gets busted but Hillary can sell lame swag?

That would definitely prove our justice system is one-sided and far from blind.

Don’t worry, MSNBC to the rescue!


No, she literally stored them on a server IN HER FREAKIN’ BATHROOM.

You guys, really?


Fair enough.

But woof, people did NOT like Turley pointing out how freakin’ hypocritical this all looks:

Yes, Hillary is ridiculous.

We know, this person meant Turley was ridiculous but c’mon man.

They so badly need this to be true.

How badly are they going to break when it doesn’t happen … again?

Ummm, no.

Says the person unironically with the Ukraine flag in their handle.

Odds ‘she’ still believes in Russian collusion?

Notice they didn’t bother to explain the differences.


Because they can’t.

And they know it.



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