As far as we can tell, this ‘thread’ of Conservatives (or as Biden called them, MAGA REPUBLICANS) explaining who they are and what makes them a ‘threat to the very soul of this nation’ started with Twitchy favorite, Oilfield Rando. Now, our pals on the Left will pretend Biden wasn’t targeting the people in this thread, but we know the only Republicans he sees as ‘mainstream’ are the ones who get pushed around and attack their own party.

Anyone who doesn’t bend the knee is a threat in Biden’s tiny little shriveled mind.

Or what’s left of it.

We love these tweets as they serve as a reminder of who the Right really is …

Sounds like a total monster, right?


The more of these tweets we read, the nastier, and more hateful Biden and the Democrats look.

These are the people they see as a threat?


There are many, many more … but you get the picture.

And that Biden sees THESE people as a threat to ‘his democracy’ says so much about him, and ain’t none of it any good.



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