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Grassroots group 'Principles First' sends out-of-staters and ex-GOP'rs to Wyoming to help Liz Cheney (accidentally reminds WY she's not one of them)

Awww, look at this. A picture of a bunch of people stumping for Liz Cheney in Wyoming. Surely even they know that it’s important for Wyomingites to be out there knocking on doors for Liz, right? That to bring a bunch of people from say, California, Minnesota, Florida, and Texas (Austin) who self-identify as former GOP’rs would only prove Liz is completely out of touch with her state and her party.


Right? Surely they wouldn’t be THAT stupid.

Gosh, golly, gee. They are that stupid.

Sure, sending someone from CA to talk to a Wyomingite about Liz Cheney is SUPER smart. Like, totally.

We have yet to see any single one of them identify as being from Wyoming and in fact, when this editor pointed this out to one of them, he magically got rid of his location and removed ‘ex-GOP’ from his bio. Now, why oh why would he do that?

Oh, and the people cheering this one?

Not from Wyoming.






They were especially proud of Ben:

Who is from Florida.

*eye roll*

Michigan. #TrueGrift

And on and on and on.

What’s really pathetic here is that none of them seem to understand that they’re only proving Liz’s critics in Wyoming right. She can’t get enough Wyomingites to support her, she can’t raise as much money from Wyomingites (Hageman has out-raised her 3-1 in-state), so like her donors, her support comes from out of state.

Proving once again to Wyoming that Liz is not one of them.



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