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'K BYE!' Max Boot dramatically calling the country's prognosis GRIM because his friends are threatening to leave does NOT go well and LOL

Max Boot thinks our country’s prognosis is grim because he knows people who are thinking about leaving.

He says this like it’s a bad thing.

You know, whiny Leftists have been pulling this crap forever.



*country elects Trump*

Ok, never mind. But I’m big mad now!

Seriously, just go already. You won’t be missed.

Max has friends? Who knew?

From WaPo:

A lot of the gloom and doom is due, of course, to the high rate of inflation, which will subside in time. But there are more intractable problems, too, such as the persistence of racism and income inequality.

Racism and inequality.


That we have far more gun violence than other advanced democracies and yet can’t implement common-sense gun-safety regulations (such as a ban on military-style assault rifles and high-capacity magazines) is a damning indictment of our democracy. So, too, is our failure to do more to address climate change even as temperatures spike. When we do act, it often makes the situation worse, not better.


Oh, it gets dumber.

One of the instruments of Trumpian purges would be Schedule F, a new category of federal employment that Trump created in 2020 (and Biden rescinded), which would have removed tens of thousands of federal employees from civil service protections. By reviving Schedule F, Trump could fire career officials and replace them with ultra-MAGA loyalists. “F” might as well stand for “fascism,” because that is what we will get if Trump were to appoint his most fanatical acolytes to the most powerful positions in government.

Holy crap.

What a bunch of entitled, babbling, nonsense. Max and his privileged pals live in the best country in this world, a country people are willing to die to get into, and he’s whining about MAGA, racism, and inequality.

Suck it up.


Bye-GIF-Image-Download-1 - Citizen Cider


Don’t let the door hit ya’ where the good Lord split ya’.



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