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Able to define the word 'woman'? Keith Olbermann tries picking a fight with Matt Walsh over abortion and it does NOT go well for him, like at ALL

Matt Walsh noticed the same thing any sane person who has been watching these hearings on abortion would notice … these pro-abort witnesses are absolutely bats**t. From accusing Hawley of pushing violence against trans people for merely saying women get pregnant to claiming abortion was the greatest act of ‘self-love,’ it has been a disaster for our pro-abort pals. To be fair, no one expects them to be decent or sane considering they fanatically support abortion, almost as if it’s their religion, but WOOF.


Cue Keith Olbermann with the ‘look at me look at me fight me fight me’ tweet.

There’s a reason MSNBC and ESPN decided this guy is too nutty for even their networks and think about it, MSNBC has Joy Reid.


What the Hell is Keith even talking about? American Taliban? And the Confederacy was his party.

Maybe this has all become some sort of performance art … Keith’s way to somehow remain relevant even though nobody really wants him.

Matt fired back just once:


What does Matt expect? It’s not like Keith is a biologist or something.

Must’ve been before our time.



Keith could have a mouse in his pocket.

Just sayin’.

Safe guess.

So far he has not, although he did go on to try (fail) to pick a fight with Clay Travis but we’ll save that for another story.



Dude … just no: Self-proclaimed Millennial ‘Pioneer’ Eric Swalwell gets WAY more than he asks for when challenging GenX to ‘come at him’

Brutally SPOT-ON thread takes the New York Times, the ‘hivemind’, and their ridiculous puff-piece on poor ol’ Ray Epps APART

Columbus Dispatch story allegedly proving 10-year-old girl rape/abortion story accidentally ALSO proves why Roe needed to go

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