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Oh honey, NO: Janet Yellen's attempt to spin, spin, then spin some MORE about the economy 'growing at a very rapid rate' does NOT go well

They really think we’re too stupid to see the economy crumbling.

Well, considering who voted for them … we suppose they’re not entirely wrong.

Janet Yellen said this with a straight face, y’all:


But she thinks we’re all too stupid to know that and the people who ARE too stupid to know that will go about their business talking about how everything sucks because we’re doing TOO well.

And they will BELIEVE IT.



Same flavor even.


The Biden admin cares more about checking certain boxes than they do putting people in place who can actually do the job.

We’re seeing the ‘fruits’ of that daily.



They LIED: Surveillance video from inside Robb Elementary School shows police NEVER attempted to open either of the two classroom doors

What sort of F*CKERY is this?! ABC News BUSTED deleting tweet claiming Democrats will hold onto the House and take 4 seats in the Senate

Repeat after me, YES, it does: Chicago Dem Congressional candidate claims the 2nd does NOT give you the right to own a weapon of war and HOO BOY


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