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Nice TRY, 'you absolute clown': Gun-grabber's attempt at putting Rep. Massie in his place on guns fails SO BADLY he deletes and locks down (we got it)

Imagine being SO triggered (pun intended) by a poll on Twitter that you’re willing to make a total jacka*s of yourself.

Welp, that’s what happened with blogger ‘Jon Zal’. Once again, he does not have a blue-check so he could be any rando out there HOWEVER what he did was so cringe-worthy (and hilarious) that we felt compelled to share it with our readers.

He got super upset with Rep. Massie’s gun poll:

Ok, so you can see the end result of over 30k votes was to allow staff at schools to be armed.

Jon responded to Massie before the end of the poll, and he really thought this was smart:

And as you can see, Jon’s poll didn’t go well either.

Womp womp woooooomp.

Guess that didn’t go so hot for the blogger with the cute little Ukrainian flag in his handle.

Wonder if he’s ok with arming Ukrainians? Ukrainian teachers?

He has since deleted the poll, blocked a bunch of people (this editor included), and locked down his account.


Unfortunately for him, tweets are forever.

He’s still locked down today.

But hey, he sure put Massie in his place.




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