AOC’s other narratives are more important than gun control … sorry gun control peeps.

Seems the Socialist Democrat-Star thinks the new bipartisan gun-control framework is racist. Or as she says, it will criminalize certain students in certain schools and certain juveniles with certain background checks. She also has an issue with SROs in schools, again claiming it promotes criminalization.

We think? You know, her babbling and rambling is not easy to interpret.

Eric Michael Garcia tried his best though:

In communities like ‘hers’.

What is she implying here?

And sorry, but SROs have absolutely prevented mass shootings … c’mon, Sandy.

So people aren’t crazy. They’re just the victims of misogyny and white supremacy.

Pardon our language but holy sh*t.

Her timeline reflects these points.


She thought that was some deep and thoughtful stuff.

Gun-control advocate Fred Guttenberg wasn’t at all impressed:

She responded … sort of.

Nice of her to disregard what Mr. Guttenberg has already been through to push her community which is of course convenient to her cute little narrative.

Doing harm?

What now?

And not to help THOSE students!



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