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COPE MORE: Lefty uber-troll Tea Pain tries convincing Lefties the Jan 6 Committee CANCELING Wednesday's hearing is a GOOD thing

Sure, Tea Pain, they canceled the January 6th Committee Hearing tomorrow because they got a buttload of new and EXPLOSIVE evidence that will take time to vet and edit.


Yeah, that’s the ticket.

It surely has nothing to do with the disaster the committee has made of itself with the chairman admitting the committee would not be referring criminal charges for Trump and Liz Cheney freaking out and contradicting him on Twitter.

Yup, it’s all about that EXPLOSIVE evidence.


So desperate.

How much money have these PACs dedicated to pretending Americans actually care more about January 6th than they do what’s happening with inflation, gas, a baby formula shortage, etc.

Awww, there it is.

Tea Pain used to be an entertaining account … selling out to Really American 1?


It’s interesting that they’re admitting they need time to edit footage … isn’t that basically editing evidence?



Even the faithful hearing supporters aren’t convinced it’s a great thing.

Explosive evidence.

Man, lol.

We’re not the ones spinning.

And yup, they know this doesn’t look good.

Yes, we snort-laughed.



THERE it is –> Lefties FINALLY turn on useful idiot George Conway after babbling about Jan 6 Committee Hearings on #MorningJoe and LOL

Nice TRY, ‘you absolute clown’: Gun-grabber’s attempt at putting Rep. Massie in his place on guns fails SO BADLY he deletes and locks down (we got it)

Ready. Set. DUMB! AOC ticks off gun-control advocates by insinuating new ‘gun control framework’ is … wait for it … RACIST

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