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Pro-abort domestic terrorist group (sorry, not sorry) Ruth Sent Us now targeting Amy Coney Barrett and her seven CHILDREN

Imagine being so desperate to protect abortion that you’re willing to attack children in the process. What sort of maniac is so driven by the need to abort children that they’d terrorize kids at church and or at school? We knew Ruth Sent Us was gross, but this?


Going after children?

Targeting a mother and her faith?

And you know what’s crazy is they think THEY’RE the good guys.

Their harassment of a SCOTUS moved the needle?

No, no it didn’t.

It just reminded everyone who the real domestic terrorists are … and it’s not parents attending school board meetings.


And that’s the scary part.

Why isn’t someone doing more to stop this?

Of course, they would. Nothing is more important to these rabid thugs than aborting babies.



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