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Oh TATER, you gonna be ok?! Brian Stelter's caterwauling over Fox News NOT showing January 6 hearing (circus) does NOT go well

Someone get Brian Stelter a tissue, sheesh.

Seems our favorite (snort) Hall Monitor is kinda sorta totally fussy because Fox News is not airing the January 6 hearing, also known as a blatant ad for Democrats in the upcoming midterms. You know, we’re not sure what ol’ Bri would talk about if Fox went off the air tomorrow.


It’s his favorite thing.

Maybe deep down he wants to work for a network that actually HAS an audience?

They know more people will be interested in watching Tucker than the ‘dog and pony show’ being put on by the clowns on the committee. We certainly hope Liz Cheney is proud of what she’s created.

Well, there ya’ go, Brian.

They’re covering it.

And you know what, even with 100k viewers, they’ll still have more people watching than CNN. Ouch.


As news warrants.

That’s more than fair, Tater.

You can guess how this went over:


Huh, that’s interesting. Wonder why he’s not griping about them.

Kidding, we totally know why …


Awww, Bri does have a friend.




OMG, she’s still going: Twitter bully Felicia Sonmez targets ANOTHER WaPo journo because he called for kindness and professionalism

‘Democracy dies in DRAMA?’ HOO BOY, the ridiculous girl (sorry, WOMAN) drama at WaPo just keeps getting WORSE and worse and ROFL

‘Well, you tried’: Founder of Occupy Democrats’ attempt to prove Biden does INDEED have a loyal fan base BACKFIRES spectacularly

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