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'Democracy dies in DRAMA?' HOO BOY, the ridiculous girl (sorry, WOMAN) drama at WaPo just keeps getting WORSE and worse and ROFL

And these are the Days of our WaPo lives.

Ok, so wait a second. This Breanna person is upset because someone used the wrong last name for her in a tweet.



This Twitchy editor has never been more grateful for the other Twitchy editors … we may be mouthy, we may not be perfect, but we are not WaPo crazy. This is insane.


Over a silly joke.

Who are these people and how did they get so lucky to have so little that’s REAL to worry about?


We’re waiting for tensions to get even higher over a simple ‘fav’.

The elites.

They’re eating themselves.



Same difference.


Seriously. It’s not that hard NOT to become the story.

Super professional and everything.

Lots and lots and lots of crying.

*and popcorn*



‘Well, you tried’: Founder of Occupy Democrats’ attempt to prove Biden does INDEED have a loyal fan base BACKFIRES spectacularly

CBS News Poll claims 44% of Republicans accept mass shootings are ‘part of a free society’ using sneaky, biased questions (check THIS out)

‘Sounds like an insurrection’: Mark Levin DROPS a truth-bomb about the REAL purpose of the January 6 Committee and DAMN

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