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We’ve gotta be honest, folks, we kinda sorta (ok totally) forgot about Jim Acosta. Ok, ‘forgot’ might not be the best word … more like we’ve been ignoring him. After Trump left office he pretty much lost all relevance – who is Jim Acosta without Trump?


So we’re not at all surprised he’s trying to pretend he’s asking the ‘tough questions’ when dealing with the evil NRA about the AR-15.

What a maroon … watch this:

‘Why do people need an AR-15 anyway?’

If we rolled our eyes any further back into our heads we’d see DC from our house.

Judge Journey’s response though is pretty good, mocking Jim (and other gun grabbers) for being scared of the way the AR-15 looks, being uninformed about the weapon, and how other weapons they never talk about are scarier and still legal.

Poor Jim just couldn’t get the ‘dunk’ he so desperately wanted.

That didn’t stop him from sharing the interview and pretending he DID get the dunk, knowing his yahoo followers wouldn’t bother watching.


He had plenty of answers, Jim just didn’t like them.

Jim, dude, it’s none of your business why people ‘need an AR-15’.

Funny how that works out.



Dear Diary,

Today I interviewed Judge Journey, an NRA Board Member who made fun of me for asking him why anyone needs an AR-15. But I sure showed him, diary. He didn’t answer my questions! GO ME.





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