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Oh honey, NO! Amy Klobuchar claims an 18-year-old can't buy alcohol so they shouldn't be able to buy an AK-47 and HELLO BACKFIRE

Amy Klobuchar really thought this was a good argument. Like, she even brought out the CAPS to demand we CHANGE THE LAW.

Fine, is she insists, they should drop the legal drinking age.


OH WAIT, that’s not what she’s arguing.


Using the ability to buy alcohol to somehow prove an 18-year-old, who can vote and join the military, shouldn’t be able to buy a firearm did NOT work out the way she thought it would.

Like, at all.

Oh yeah, there is no right to buy alcohol.

But there is a right to bear arms.

Crazy stuff.

Seems fair.


Sensing a theme here.

Ok, two themes.

It’s far more fun to preen on for political cred than to actually get something done.

Aren’t we all?


Only fair.


This. ^

Yeah, this didn’t go over so hot for the woman known for throwing three-ring binders at her staff and eating a Caesar Salad with a comb.



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