Another politically convenient trip to grieve, eh Biden?

Think he’ll go off on Republicans again while he’s there supposedly grieving with that community? Babble about white supremacy? No way he goes to support them, it’s just another photo-op. If he really cared about Americans grieving he’d have visited Waukesha … and the fact that it remains the only tragedy that he bailed on speaks volumes.

On Sunday, Joe and Jill are traveling to Uvalde, Texas to exploit that community for political points and something for Democrats to run on during the midterms.

Fixed it for him.

Half-past never and quarter to not gonna happen.

What she said.

Right? That would be a good idea as well. If Biden is really that concerned about gun violence he should absolutely visit Chicago, where some of the most stringent gun laws on the books haven’t prevented the most gun violence in the country.


Good point.

He will totally blame white supremacists and guns that go pew pew pew.

That’s all he knows.

And then he’ll try and shake hands with someone who isn’t really there.



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