Elon Musk took a poll of Twitter users asking them if they trusted politicians or billionaires less.

And right now with eleven hours left, it’s not even close – 76% of those polled trust politicians less than billionaires.

Elon took a little dig at AOC on this as well (note, we did check her timeline and she hasn’t responded OR done her own poll.)

We’re not sure if it’s that some people just meltdown into hateful blobs of crazy every time he tweets or if it was the dig at AOC, but yeah, there’s a whole lot of frothy-mouthed angry stupid on his tweet.

Says her.



Elon could tweet about the sky being blue and some people would still freak the eff out on him.

Oh man, even Cenk Uygur chimed in.

Probably because of the AOC dig (Cenk played a big part in making AOC a ‘thing’):



Insightful is an interesting word for it. Seems more psychotic and unhinged to us.

We like this poll even better.


Guess how it’s going on THIS one.

It’s clear that politicians are worse than Ebola + TB.



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