As Democrats block measures to provide more security for our schools claiming the gunman got past an armed guard, it turns out once again that they are wrong. Oh, we all sort of figured there was no way Ramos got into the building if the doors were locked and if there actually was a security guard there but you know, they needed that narrative to shut down actual common-sense legislation that very well could make a difference with school shootings.

This tweet seriously ticks this editor off.


And today he’s pushing his precious Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act which of course bans guns … and white supremacy. Don’t make that face, we didn’t write the stupid bill.

He sucks so much.

Maybe someone should send him this update from the Texas police themselves:

He walked in unobstructed.

Not confronted by anybody.

Democrats have been pushing the armed security guard lie HARD.

Sounds like the doors were wide open.

That $40 billion they sent to Ukraine would pay for a lot of security for our schools.

Just sayin’.

Democrats will do their best to ignore this because they KNOW it once again proves them wrong when it comes to banning firearms to stop school shootings. Secure the schools, folks. Do it now.



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