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'Used my dead daughter's name, changed NOTHING': Andrew Pollack SHREDS March For Our Lives for pushing new march (and begging for donations)

March For Our Lives claims they ‘rose up’ four years ago, marched, demanded change, built a movement, voted for new leaders, and then gun deaths increased.

Right before asking people to show up (and donate) again.

The grift here is STRONG:

So they’re gonna march again … and fail again? Huh?

Did they really think this was a winning tweet? Motivating? Hey, y’all, we did all of this stuff four years ago, and actually, the things we were fighting to stop INCREASED but this time we’ve totally got it so give us your money and your time. 

Andrew Pollack, father of Meadow Pollack who was shot and killed during the Parkland shooting, went OFF (and rightfully so).


Double damn even.

What he said.

Others were less than impressed with their admitting they got nothing done last time and yet betting for more time, and money.

Yeah, we can’t help noticing they never really want to talk about the real issues with gun violence. Chicago never comes up.



Yes, yes they did.





Blue-check gun-grabbing DBAG’s attempt to backpedal after praying for Republicans to catch cancer, suffer, die, and BURN IN HELL backfires

NAH, you had it right the first time: TIME’s Beto O’Rourke ‘correction’ ACCIDENTALLY the most (hilariously) brutal insult to him YET


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