As Twitchy readers know, wealthy douche and MAJOR Democrat donor Nick Hanauer prayed for Republicans to catch cancer, suffer, die, and then burn in Hell for all of eternity after the Uvalde shooting.

Yeah, he’s a real sweetheart. Welp, apparently the blue-check troll got enough pushback on his awful tweet that he eventually deleted it … and then he tried to make himself sound less douchey by claiming he was just so OUTRAGED … or something.

Nobody is acting like it’s just an act of nature.

*eye roll*

They’re just not willing to allow people like Nick to vilify millions of innocent Americans who had nothing to do with what happened in Uvalde. This happens every time, horrible shooting, the Left accuses the Right of NOT CARING and the Right goes into DEFENSE MODE to protect their rights knowing Democrats only have one hammer so they treat everything like a nail. REPEAL THE SECOND.

And then nothing ever changes.

People like Nick would know that if they weren’t overly emotional, thin-skinned jerk-waffles who think they’re scoring points on social media by being completely disgusting and then apologizing for it.

People don’t seem to buy this whole ‘oops, my bad’ attempt.

Nick doesn’t have time for facts, he’s too busy acting like a jack-a-ninny on Twitter.

Dude, you can’t take back that sort of hatred.



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