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Target toothbrush loser and all-around troll David Leavitt THREATENS to have the Hodge Twins arrested ... for retweeting him (LOL!)

Dear reader, you’re likely seeing a theme in our stories this morning and sadly this is just what happens any time there is a shooting the Left thinks they can use to paint half of this country as backwood, redneck, racist, white supremacists. Blue-check trolls like David Leavitt come out from under their rocks and say horrible stuff, they get dragged for saying horrible stuff, then we point and laugh at them here on Twitchy.


It’s a cycle.

Luckily, it can be fairly funny on our end at least.

Oh, and if David looks familiar it’s because he’s the guy who harassed Target Tori over a toothbrush – she ended up with a free vacation to Hawaii and he ended up being stuck as David Leavitt.

Anywho, it started here:

Gun control now.

He could at least have picked a more original hashtag, right?

His tweet ended up on the Hodge Twins’ radar:

Hey, they were just sayin’.

David responded:

So pay close attention here. He’s thanking them for the retweets because he thinks that will make him money? Keep this in mind as you read more.



Again, totally cool with the retweets and attention.

And then he tweeted this:

Umm, what?


Settle down, David, this is how Twitter works.

Poor little fellar.

That is SORTA weird, right?

Dude is … special.



Never go full David Leavitt.


You all might remember him for this as well:




‘STOP pretending to give a sh*t about dangerous rhetoric’: S.E. Cupp called out in BRUTAL thread for lame AF Buffalo shooting tweet

‘Woke Tom Nichols will never NOT be funny’: RedSteeze OWNS Expert™ Tom Nichols for claiming it’s ‘a young, white male shooter’ every time

GHOUL: Alex Vindman’s wretched harpy of a wife SHREDDED for using Buffalo shooting in VILE tweet attacking the Right hours after shooting

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