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Steve Schmidt tries going after Jon Gabriel (a FASCIST, REALLY?!) and YEAH, that doesn't go so hot for Shouty Mc-Shouts-A-Lot

Steve Schmidt has seriously gone off the Twitter rails. His choo-choo never really went all the way to the top but this past week has been a dumpster fire of chaos and crazy from the little man who couldn’t.


He seems to be on some sort of quest to clear his name after the Weaver debacle with The Lincoln Project. It would appear he doesn’t want to be held accountable for ignoring John Weaver’s behavior when it came to young men (as young as 14) online.

Look at the CAPS:

Exjon, aka Jon Gabriel, sent him a tweet because he’s a giving, caring sort.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, Passages Malibu is a very luxurious rehab ‘vacation spot.’

Looks like a nice place.

Guess how Steve thanked him.

Say what? The emoji of a cross in a purple box is Christian Nationalist? And Claremont is extremist and fascist?


We’re beginning to see why Gabriel sent him a link to a rehab facility.

His response:



Oh, and the coffee cup as well.

Note, Jon has since changed his bio to read:

Too. Damn. Funny.


We KNEW it.

Oh, and about Steve’s original tweet claiming there would be full-throated corrections?


Annnd fin.



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