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Kamala Harris anything BUT clear saying she wants to BE CLEAR in video shaming Senate for not passing bill allowing abortion up to 40 weeks (watch)

You guys think Kamala Harris knows the majority of pro-life advocates are women? Ok, it’s not like Kamala actually knows much about anything, so that wasn’t really a fair question.


But hey, she wanted to be clear when she took time to record herself shaming the Senate for not passing a bill that would have made abortion legal for up to 40 weeks.


We’re getting serious ‘Mommie Dearest’ vibes from this video. Any minute now she’s going to hold up a hanger and shriek, ‘NO WIRE HANGERS … EVERRRRRRRRR!’

And then she’ll force us to clean the bathroom or something.

Man, she is just not likable, at all.

And she hath sucketh.


She’s really trying … right?


Without lying we’re not sure she’d have all that much to add to any conversation.


Indeed they do.



WTAF did we just read?! Insane-o thread provides a GLIMPSE into the true batsh*ttery of the pro-abort’s mind

Hot mess ALERT: TX Dem Gene Wu argues the POORS shouldn’t have #SchoolChoice, then tries DELETING tweet trashing public schools (we got it)

‘#AmericaLast is SO on-brand for this admin’: Illegal migrants at the border getting ‘pallets’ of hard-to-find baby formula (photos)

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