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'DUH! We ALL predicted it': Little Red Lying Hood Jen Psaki says NO one could have predicted #Bidenflation would 'soar to record highs'

First Democrats tried to claim inflation was only temporary.

Then Democrats claimed inflation was a good thing because it meant people were going back to work.

Then Democrats claimed inflation was a good thing because it meant people had more money to spend.


Then Democrats blamed corporations for inflation.

THEN Democrats claimed inflation was Putin’s fault.

And now that all of those excuses and claims have failed, they’re playing dumb.

Or at least that’s what it looks like when we watch Jen Psaki claim ‘no one could’ve predicted inflation would roar to record hights’.

Yeah, we made the same face.


Jen … why you always lyin’?

Print a lot of money, devalue the dollar … spend a lot of money we don’t have so you print more.

Yeah, we all called it, Jen.

What he said.


We’re pretty sure we heard a bologna sandwich predict it.

Ding ding ding.




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