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Cheese slid OFF his cracker: Steve Schmidt went off the RAILS for 32 hours on Twitter … here are some of his more insane tweets

Note, this editor spent a good bit of time reading through Steve Schmidt’s insane tweets just to bring you the best of the best, or the worst of the worst. Also, note that we read and write about a lot of crazy on Twitter but this … this was exceptionally nutty.


Tweeting for 32 straight hours.

C’mon man, even we can’t keep up with that.

Pretty sure it all started with him going off about Meghan McCain because he said she called him a pedophile.

And then he got all fussy with Bethany Mandel (which triggered Keith Olbermann):

Don’t ask.

Well, that explains a lot.


Did this all happen in that hairless noggin of his?

Check out this thread on Palin:


Sure, Steve.

And yeah, this crazy goes on and on and on – if you want to read the entire thread go for it, it’s on Twitter and goes on for several more tweets. That being said, he used this thread to tie it all back around to attacking Meghan McCain.

Our apologies if this piece is all over the place but holy crap, this man’s timeline is all over the place.

Then he tried to explain why he was banned from McCain’s funeral.

Some strangeness about running campaigns and how he didn’t want any of this.


John Weaver.

*cough cough*

Older tweet.

Newer tweet.

Oh, and just a little reminder of who Steve Schmidt really is:



And ouch.

Meltdown? Mental break? Only Steve knows for sure but YIKES.



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