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'WEASEL': Blake Masters takes HACK who deliberately used wrong email to 'fact-check' his hit-piece APART in MERCILESS thread

Blake Masters called ‘journalist’ Dillon Reed Rose out for a nasty hit-piece he not only wrote about Blake, but it sounds like he also ‘deliberately’ sent a fact-check email to an address he knew the campaign manager wouldn’t see in time before publishing it 90 minutes later.


Classy, right?

Drag ’em, Blake.

Grab the corn.


Now, there is a word we don’t hear enough these days.


What he said.

Keep going.

Embrace the power of AND.

Fact-checkers have become absolutely useless. They might as well call themselves, ‘Covering for Democrat Talking Points-Checkers.’

Yeah, that’s a little clunky.

Nobody has trusted the media in a long long time.


We DO need Republicans who won’t run scared when the corrupt media establishment tries to intimidate them.

And it’s starting to look more and more like the ‘new Right’ is ready to fight back.

November is gonna be fun.



‘Attack the Right, gain credibility’: Kick-A*S thread on how the ‘evangelical elite’ treat the Left versus the Right a must-read

‘TERRORIZING his family’: Justice Kavanaugh’s neighbor, teacher Lacie Wooten-Holway, organized protest outside of his home

Lady, what are you SMOKIN’?! Blue-check claiming GOP states plan to ‘criminally investigate’ miscarriages does NOT go well

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