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Give him MORE of your cash, Lefty lemmings! Glenn Greenwald just CLEANS 'liberal moral hero' Steve Schmidt's clock in brutal thread

Steve Schmidt went into some sort of bizarre meltdown on Twitter last night, going after Meghan McCain like some sort of nasty bully. We suppose when Trump didn’t hire him for his campaign, it may have well and truly broke him because since then … yikes.

But hey, at least he’s a hero to the Left these days, right? They love giving him money to go after the very people he used to work for and supposedly care about; big bucks in hating on the Right these days. Granted, not as big of bucks as when Trump was in office but not to worry, they keep finding Republicans to hate on.

Like good little ‘conservatives’.

Glenn Greenwald was good enough to take Steve to the woodshed in a short but merciless thread:

Yup, Steve still acts like a jackass.

But you guys knew that.

It just gets worse. While Steve acted like he and the McCain family were tight and used that to berate Meghan, Glenn reminded him that he was barred from attending McCain’s funeral.


And finally, even Steve’s pal George Conway called to shut down The Lincoln Project.

Oh, we get it, Steve wasn’t going off on Meghan because she deserved it, he was going off on her because he wants to make sure his liberal base of yahoo supporters keep paying attention to him and as Glenn said, treating him like some moral hero – they are, after all, his bread and butter.



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