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ALMOST got caught telling the truth! Check out how NYT changed Weather Underground terrorist Kathy Boudin's obit (screenshots)

Awww, the good ol’ New York Times, always doing their best to be consistently disappointing and horrible.

Seems they didn’t much care for their original tweet about Weather Underground terrorist Kathy Boudin’s passing, so they quickly deleted it and changed the copy. We happen to think their original copy was far more accurate but hey, this is the New York Times we’re talking about.


NYT really likes to make sure if a terrible person passes they get a decent obit.

‘Who later helped former inmates …’


They also called her a radical versus a terrorist.



But hey, she helped former inmates and stuff.


Awww, but of course.


Fair point, ‘austere political scholar’.



Rob the poor, give to the RICH! AG mocks TF out of Media Matters VP making $180k a year WHINING that $10k Biden loan forgiveness isn’t ‘enough’

Glenn Greenwald uses CNN’s David Zurawik demanding more CENSORSHIP to STOP Elon Musk ‘from dragging us to Hell’ to decimate the media

‘My Shadow Crew is sickkk!’ Elon Musk’s response to WSJ claiming he has a ‘secret crew of misfits egging him on’ is hilariously perfect

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