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'Stroke? Drunk? YOU decide': Nancy Pelosi nearly takes flight waving arms around babbling about Republicans and hats (no, really, watch)

You can always tell when Nancy Pelosi is either lost or lying, her arms start a’-flappin’.


There have been times when we thought she might actually take flight.



Watching this video, do you guys have any idea what the Hell she’s talking about.

And we TOLD YOU, those hands flap the entire time she’s rambling about … whatever the Hell she’s rambling about.

Third in line to the presidency, you guys, behind Pudding Brain Biden and Kamala ‘picked for her sex and color’ Harris. This is the stuff that keeps this editor up at night.



We’re not sure Nancy knows.

Is it? Is it really?

We’re starting to wonder.



‘Ministry of TRUTH, anyone?! Biden admin’s reaction to Elon Musk pushing for free speech on Twitter says SO much about this crap admin

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