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'It's BAD': Chart comparing wages/inflation under Trump to wages/inflation under Biden shows just how BAD Sleepy Joe is really doing

Biden is just sucking wind. Sorry, not sorry.

Oh, the media are working very very very hard to pretend the sh*tshow we’re witnessing here in America is somehow Putin’s fault, but the numbers just don’t lie. And that’s probably why they hate talking about numbers and try to focus so much on the narrative.


Remember when Biden said the buck stops with him? HA!

This chart showing changes in wages versus changes in inflation under Trump versus Biden is eye-opening:

No surprise there.

It’s bad.

LOOK at those numbers.

Wages down.

Inflation up.

Let’s go, Brandon. Hope those Never Trumpers who voted against mean tweets are feeling EVERY bit of this.

The same unemployment they cut off in September of last year?




Oh, and look at this … even compared to Obama, Biden is a damn train wreck.

Lowest under a Republican, but we digress.

Anyone miss those mean tweets yet?



‘Lyin’ pieces of SH*T’: The People’s Pundit TORCHES media in 2 brutal tweets for pushing ‘PUTIN DID IT’ narrative with inflation to protect Biden

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