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Lincoln Project co-founder's attempt to bully Marriott over climate-change prof WHINING about Fox News being on fitness room TV goes SO wrong

Imagine having so much spare time (and space in your head) that you not only get angry about a certain station being on a tv in the fitness room of a hotel, but you go on Twitter to b*tch and moan about it. Life must be easy on people like Michael Mann to be this triggered over ONE tv in ONE fitness room.

Since Mann blocked this editor (as we said, easily triggered), what better way to highlight his tweet than to show Glenn Greenwald mocking TF out of him for it?

If criticizing the president makes a news outlet unAmerican then CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, WaPo, and a bunch of others are way more unAmerican than Fox News.

Just sayin’.

Oh, and then a co-founder of The Lincoln Project got all big and bad with Marriott as well:

Threatening Marriott over … a tv station? REALLY?

They’ll wait for what, exactly? For Marriott to bend the knee and cower before them so they don’t make some stupid ad about the hotels?

Enter RedSteeze with a TKO.


Yeah, we’re done here … there is nothing funnier we could write to top that.

Someone wanna get Reed a little aloe for that burn?



Who they REALLY are –> Lefties celebrate Juanita Broaddrick being suspended for DARING to stray from approved COVID narrative

Oh honey, NO! Blue-check trans activist thinks she’s got a big ol’ DUNK on conservatives by pushing for a ‘Don’t Say Bible’ bill and LOL

Fear-monger Eric Feigl-Ding seems SHOCKED China’s govt. behaving the way he WANTED the US govt. to with COVID is actually HORRIFIC


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