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Straight-fire thread has ALL the receipts to BUST Joe Biden for lying about involvement with Hunter Biden’s ‘foreign business dealings’

Joe Biden claims he’s never been involved with his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings.

You know Hunter, the smartest guy Biden says he knows?

And c’mon man, we all know that’s a bunch of malarkey:


Hunter was either very sloppy or very cocky. Maybe both.

This is NUTS.

While you read this, keep in mind the Left, Democrats, intelligence experts, and Biden himself said all of this was Russian disinformation. And then look at the record-breaking levels of inflation destroying American families all across the country as a result of Sleepy Joe’s presidency.

But you know, he wasn’t involved.

Thanks for selling time with your dad.

Er … thanks for giving him an opportunity to meet ‘the big guy’.


Notice how no one is talking about ol’ Tony Bobulinski.

He DIRECTLY dealt with the Biden family, including Joe Biden.

They tried to impeach Trump using a fake pee tape FFS, but THIS … this is just Russian disinformation.

The texts … woof, you guys.

Surely just a coincidence.

Now that PEE TAPE …

Yeah, no words for this one.

Again, the texts:

This one is NUTS.


Office mates, Joe, Jill, and Jim Biden.

Sounds like office mates to us.




Don’t mention Joe being involved …


Alrighty then.

All this editor has to say is Republicans BETTER take the freakin’ House in November and start investigating the Biden family – hey, not only does there seem to be a ton of red flags to do so, but we might as well return the favor to our good, honest, genuine friends on the Left who spent two years of Trump’s administration trying to impeach him for doing far less than this.

Sound vindictive?

Ok, maybe a little.



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