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MEEE-OW! AOC SNAPS (lies?) after Krystal Ball DRAGS her for not bothering to show up for workers until they're 'on the CUSP of victory'

Awww, AOC is super proud of the Amazon Labor Union for doing all of the work – so proud in fact that she was more than happy to tweet about it, in a way taking credit for all the work they did. We only know that because Krystal Ball called her out for ditching these workers/organizers.


It all started here.

Oooh, muscle emojis.

She’s so edgy.

Krystal Ball was having none OF those emojis.

Don’t worry, AOC had an excuse and a snappy retort because we all know even her fellow progressives aren’t allowed to call her out or question her. We’re honestly surprised she didn’t accuse Krystal of just wanting to date her.


And then her little lemmings showed up to defend her.


This is very different from a simple scheduling conflict. AOC has been pretending she’s in this fight, she’s been using this fight for her narrative and to make herself look like a super prog, you’d think she’d want to be there with them when the most work was being done. Perhaps she was too busy going to an extravagant event or Miami on vacation?

She’s right.

Ilhan didn’t like being brought up … guess it’s hard hearing you talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

But not AOC.



She’s not insinuating anything, Sandy. She’s calling you out.

It only got worse for AOC:

Which was it, AOC? Security of a scheduling conflict?



When people show you who they really are, in this case, an actress playing a part she was hired to play, believe them.



It’s a dumb world after all: Disney Ex-CEO Bob Iger thinks it’s ‘potentially harmful to kids’ if adults can’t talk about sexuality with them (watch)

Harvard’s PRIDE! David Hogg’s thread on why he PERSONALLY believes the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law is bad is accidentally HILARIOUS

Blue-check REALLY lays it on thick playing the LGBT victim because parents don’t want adults talking to their small children about sexuality

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