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DOOD: Gavin Newsom's selfie reading 'banned books' with smug dig at other states allegedly banning books could be the biggest self-own EVER

Does someone want to remind Gavin Newsom which state he’s the governor of? We realize Gavin is fairly out of touch with reality in general, but this selfie of him digging at other states who have allegedly banned books (they have not) with a copy of a book his own state tried to ‘ban’ may well be the biggest self-own we’ve seen, ever.


And considering we cover AOC and Eric Swalwell pretty regularly, that’s really sayin’ something.

He really thought this was smart. Forget no books in any state have been banned (giving parents a say-so in what their children read at school is hardly banning books), but California has taken issue with the book ON TOP OF HIS STACK.

Case in point …

What a numbnuts.

And another:

There’s also this:

Who’s banning books again, Gavin?



Sorry, there aren’t enough pictures in the ‘damned statute’ so Gavin would have a hard time understanding it.

Great idea.

As for the books parents have legitimate concerns about, ‘Lawn Boy’ and ‘Genderqueer,’ …

Ding ding ding.

This entire argument has nothing to do with banning books (nice try, Democrats) and everything to do with protecting children from social justice indoctrination at school. It’s about agenda against parents, and parents are winning.


And that’s why Democrats are going this, ‘THEY’RE BURNING BOOKS! REEEEEE!’ route because they know their argument definitely makes them the bad guys.



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