That ANYONE is still trying to push the idea that DeSantis’ Parental Rights LAW has anything to do with not saying gay tells us exactly how powerful and corrupt the mainstream media really is. If you look at the law (which clearly, none of these people have), it says nothing at all about not saying gay, it seriously just prohibits adults from speaking to VERY LITTLE CHILDREN about sexuality.

Many people have wondered why the heck we need such a law because common sense should supposedly keep adults from talking about their sexuality or love lives with small children.

This kindergarten teacher in Florida is WHY the bill is needed.

Watch this:

A KINDERGARTEN teacher, you guys.

Why does any five-year-old need to know about his or her teacher’s love life? Gay or straight?

Who THINKS like that?

Don’t answer that question.

Oooh, good one.

Or since it’s kindergarten teach them numbers, and letters, and colors.

This isn’t difficult.

Can you imagine if a teacher dared talk about their faith with their students? Especially if they were Christian? The Left would lose their ever-loving MINDS.

But keeping teachers from discussing their sexuality with small children is somehow super mean and stuff.

Don’t look at us, we just work here.



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