It’s very rare for Adam Sandler to actually tweet anything personal because usually, he spends most of his time pushing his own work; in other words, he’s smart about how he uses Twitter. If only more celebrities could figure it out …

So you know if he took the time to send a personal tweet to his friend Chris Rock and promote his upcoming tour he knew his Grown Ups and SNL co-star needed a little love and support. We’re seeing plenty of noise about Will Smith, but not much about the guy who actually got assaulted.

The ‘Love you buddy’, part of his tweet is our favorite part. You can actually read it in Adam’s voice:

All Will Smith really did when he attacked Rock was make himself look like an unhinged jacka*s while Rock looked like a professional. In other words, Smith likely did a good bit of damage to his own career while ironically helping Rock with his.

And all over a joke comparing Jada to the lovely Demi Moore. If being compared to a beautiful woman who looks even more beautiful when she’s bald is an insult, sign this editor UP.

You KNOW people will be lining up to see Rock’s tour now, and this tweet from Sandler which was a reminder of the tour was likely also a way of defending his friend. We really had no idea Rock was on tour until seeing this tweet from Sandler …

We especially love Rob Schneider’s hair here.

Grown Ups for the WIN.

He won Oscar but lost big.


It is pretty cool.

For the most part, that is what we’re seeing. Sure, there are a few people claiming it’s violence to make jokes and poor Jada but eh …

Adam Sandler with the win.



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