Ok, so full transparency, this editor was absolutely OVER writing about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock because the guy has no sense of humor and is an entitled Hollywood bully who gets away with assault because he made some movies, did some TV, and used to be a ‘happy rapper.’ We all know if one of us attacked someone on stage we would have been removed, likely arrested and charged with assault but you know, Will isn’t one of the little people.

Or something.

So on that note, this editor had promised herself she would not write about this mess anymore HOWEVER, this clip of Rebel Wilson slamming the Smiths was just too good not to share:


So much ouch.

And honestly, Will more than deserved this one.

By attacking Chris Rock, Will all but declared war with comedians … this will get far worse for them before it gets better.

Ding ding ding.


We felt that one WAAAAAAY over here.



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